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Marmalade Skies: British Psychedelia

"I would try to draw something, a chair for instance, and there it
would be - with an expression. I had almost nothing to do with it"
- Gerard Hoffnung

Concerts, Happenings, Events

and a  wallaby in the fog....well according to Pete, he was driving home from The Buxton Rock Festival in 1971 and all of a sudden.....well go to the Buxton Festivals link and read the tale for yourselves.

and this is what happened

The Kinks and The Stones
had records out, among others
and a large number of concerts
took place

“We’re more popular
than Jesus now”
- John Lennon

The Riot Squad,
Wimple Winch,
and The Buzz

The NME Poll Winners
Concert at
The Wembley Empire Pool
featuring among others
The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.
held on 1st May

The Beatles Paperback Writer
single is released 10th June, with
the track Rain as the b side.
It is reported that
Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and
Ginger Baker have joined forces to
become known as Cream

The Beatles flee riots
in Manila after allegedly
snubbing the President’s wife,
Imelda Marcos. They had failed
to turn up for a reception held
in their honour, and Creams existence
is confirmed with Eric Clapton's departure
from John Mayall's Bluesbreakers

The Small Faces single
All Or Nothing is released,
and The Beatles Revolver
and Yellow Submarine/
Eleanor Rigby are also

Jimi Hendrix arrives in England (24th),
accompanied by his new manager,
ex-Animals bassist Chas Chandler, who
first saw Hendrix (as Jimmy James &
the Blue Flames) at Greenwich Village’s
Café Wha on July 4th. The pair stage
auditions for a new band at the
Birdland in London on the 29th.
Noel Redding (ex-Loving Kind)
subsequently joins as bass guitarist.

The Yardbirds release
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
Cream release Wrapping Paper.
and The Moody Blues release
Boulevard De La Madelaine.
Later in the month Vocalist/guitarist
Denny Laine quits The Moody Blues.
The Moodies promptly disband. 
Mitch Mitchell (ex Georgie Fame
and the Blue Flames) joins up
with Jimi Hendrix and Noel Redding
and The Jimi Hendrix Experience is born

The Kinks release their single
Dead End Street, plus a new LP
Face To Face and Pete Quaife
rejoins the band!
The Moody Blues quickly
re-form with new members
Justin Hayward (guitar) and
John Lodge (bass). Lodge is
an old Birmingham friend of the
group while Hayward is
recommended to the Moodies
by Eric Burdon.

Donovan's Sunshine Superman,
Jimi Hendrix Experience Hey Joe
are released. The final Ready Steady Go
programmes are broadcast. Guests
include Dave Dee etc (2nd),
Jimi Hendrix, Marc Bolan,
The Move (9th), Keith Relf,
The Troggs (16th), Eric Burdon,
Alan Price, The Who, Donovan,
the Spencer Davis Group
and Paul Jones (23rd)

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Moon and Star and a bricklayer

from whence comes the tale
of the wallaby in the fog




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